• Improving Indoor Air Quality: Simple tips you can get started with today!

    Air Quality Tips from Missouri’s HVAC Professionals When you think of allergies this time of year you most likely think of common outdoor culprits such as pollen and ragweed, but poor indoor air quality can also wreak havoc on your allergies. Studies have shown that air quality inside can be five times worse in terms

  • How to Avoid Costly Repairs with these HVAC Maintenance Tips

    5 Things to Know to Keep Your Home’s Comfort System Running Efficiently No one likes costly repairs, so it’s important we take care of our homes the best we can so that we avoid them. This not only applies to the things around your home you can see, but to the systems we can’t see

  • 3 Tips on How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Low air quality in your home can be hazardous to your health and your mood. Moisture, odor, gases, and dust can all affect the quality of the air in your home. Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of the air you breathe inside of your home? Try these tips from Jon Wayne

  • Winter Furnace Maintenance Benefits

    Winter Furnace Maintenance You know the winter season has arrived when you stroll out to your mailbox, only to see postcard ads and flyers falling out of the mail.  Winter is most often when you get solicitations for all kinds of winter furnace maintenance, including HVAC related issues. A furnace is a machine that is

  • Why is Furnace Maintenance Important?

    Why is Furnace Maintenance Important?

    There are plenty of ways to stay warm and protect yourself from those harsh, frigid temperatures this coming winter. You could put on plenty of layers, dressing in sweaters, socks, and even scarves to keep that precious heat close to your body. You might consider making a pot of coffee or a mug of steaming hot

  • Five Signs You’re Due For a Furnace Replacement
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    Five Signs You’re Due For a Furnace Replacement

    Is it Time to Replace Your Furnace? Winter is the time of year that puts a strain on your heating system. If your furnace can’t heat your home throughout the winter, it’s time to replace it now. Most homes and apartments have a central heating system to generate heat and ensure the comfort of the

  • The Basics of Air Conditioner Replacement

    The Basics of Air Conditioner Replacement

    Cooling Experts Advice when Getting a New AC Your air conditioning system represents a significant investment in your home. Air conditioning systems typically last for many years and are vital for keeping you cool during the hot and humid summer months. As you prepare for your system replacement, use this guide to understand what to

  • Is Your Home Ready for Fall?

    Is Your Home Ready for Fall?

    How to Prepare Your Home for Winter As the fun and sunshine of summer draws to a close, you may be thinking of how best to prepare your home for the chilled autumn weather. At Jon Wayne Heating & Air, we understand you want to protect your house from the elements, and heat your rooms

  • Tips To Maximize Your Home’s Efficiency During the Summer

    Tips To Maximize Your Home’s Efficiency During the Summer

    Summer electric bills can be more uncomfortable than a heatwave, especially if you’re on a budget. Jon Wayne Heating & Air understands customers want to manage their energy usage without compromising their comfort. That’s why we’ve gathered these helpful tips to help you save electricity and gas during the hottest months. Stay in the Shade

  • HVAC Tips: Keep Cool in Willard, MO This Summer

    HVAC Tips: Keep Cool in Willard, MO This Summer

    Jon Wayne Heating and Air is proud to provide HVAC services to many Missouri communities, including the wonderful town of Willard! Enjoying the Willard Community Summer offers tons of opportunities for fun in Willard. Unfortunately, if your air-conditioner is on the fritz, things can get too hot for comfort. Check out our 10 favorite activities

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