Heating and Cooling Maintenance Tips

Proper upkeep ensures that your heating and cooling systems keep delivering the benefits of indoor comfort and improved energy efficiency. In addition to yearly maintenance checkups, it’s wise to incorporate some essential DIY practices in your AC and furnace maintenance routine.

Replace Your Filters Frequently

For optimal heating and air conditioner maintenance, it’s vital not to take your filters for granted.

Routine checks and swap outs keep the equipment’s energy usage efficient and cost effective. Not only that, you’ll steer clear of these common problems:


  • Debris build up on ductwork and blower fans
  • Pollen, dust, and mold contamination
  • Reduced lifespan of equipment


Change AC filters at least every three months during the normal season, increase this frequency to monthly during the warm season. For furnaces, factors such as filter size, pet ownership and allergy sufferers or smokers in your home may impact your replacement schedule.

Keep It Clean Inside and Out

Shrubs, grasses, and flower boost curb appeal, but they can also interfere with your heating and air systems functioning. Trim your greenery so it’s at least 12 inches away from outdoor equipment. Maintain a clean condensate drain line with a mixture of one cup bleach to every three cups water poured down the tube every three months. Finally, use a gentle stream of water from your garden hose to clean dirt from your units’ exterior housing. Always remember to wash from the inside out. Just be sure to cut power to your HVAC equipment first.

Tame Thermostats and Check Flames

For cost savings, set your indoor temperatures to 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. Moreover, perform a regular visual inspection of your furnace’s flame. If it’s anything other than a steady blue, call a technician right away.

Don’t Forget Regular Maintenance

Be sure to schedule a springtime inspection for your AC unit and a fall check-up for your heating

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