Home Efficiency Tips for Summer and Winter

At Jon Wayne Heating & Air, were dedicated to providing you with energy efficient, cost-conscious methods for heating and cooling your home. Along with a wide range of innovative heating and cooling systems, we also offer some smart energy saving tips for all seasons. Try incorporating these sensible practices, designed to reduce your electricity and gas usage for multiple areas inside your home.

Hints for Heating and Cooling Systems

We understand that smart consumption patterns dont begin and end with your climate control equipment. However, its a significant source of energy usage inside your residence. Some wise moves to slash your costs include:

  •       Installing a programmable thermostat
  •       Changing furnace and A/C filters regularly
  •       Purchasing equipment with the ENERGY STAR label

Programmable temperature controls stop waste by preventing your systems from running while youre not home. Swapping out filters ensures that your equipment works efficiently, and ENERGY STAR products cut usage by up to 30 percent.

Seal Up Leaks and Cracks

Proper insulation contributes a great deal in lowering your residential energy consumption. Nevertheless, air leakage can also quickly translate into money leakage. Save up to 20 percent on your energy bills by sealing seepages and ensuring your insulations up to par. Not only that, youll cut back on your homes chances of developing indoor air pollution, mold, and rot.

Window Shade Wisdom

Your window blinds and shades are also a key component of your strategy to make your home more energy efficient. Closing them in sunnier areas during the summer prevents heat buildup from the sun. Conversely, opening them more often in the winter allows you to maximize warmth from incoming sunlight.

Let the Experts at Jon Wayne Help

Jon Wayne Heating & Air specializes in multiple ways to keep your home comfortable for less. We carry and install many kinds of heating and cooling equipment, so count on us to provide affordable solutions. To see what we can do for you, call us today at (417) 831-9500.