Do I need a humidifier?

When you wake up with a dry mouth and start coughing for no reason, it’s an indication the air in your home is too dry. The Environmental Protection Agency recommendation for home humidity level is 30 percent and above. Jon Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning is a name you can trust to help provide your home with an ideal humidity level between 40 and 50 percent, all year round.

Why is humidity important?

Medical research studies have found that relative humidity influences all aspects of our emotional well-being. Dry air can create dry skin, and other health issues as well. The amount of negative ions found in the moist air affects your health in a positive way. Higher levels of negative ions raise serotonin levels in the bloodstream. Negative ions also kill germs and sterilize the enclosed air. Using a humidifier puts water in the air, replacing the negative ions that have been depleted by dryness.


Humidifying for Health

The installation of a humidifier can give relief to asthma and allergy flare-ups, sinus congestion, hay fever symptoms and chronic runny nose. Studies have shown the survival of airborne bacteria and viruses are linked directly to humidity. Maintaining balanced humidity levels in your home can significantly weaken these irritants up to 70%.

By adding moisture to the air in your home, you can put an end to annoying static electricity that shocks you, or makes your hair fly when you touch something.

More than Health

Poor air quality negatively affects your health and your home in many ways. Low humidity levels in your home can cause wooden instruments and floors to warp. Artwork, papers, and books can shrink or become brittle in very low humidity. Even pianos can become warped or out of tune because of their sensitivity to humidity levels.

Using a humidifier positively affects both your health and your personal property. Whole house humidifiers efficiently humidify every room in your home. They don’t have magical powers. They work through your cooling and heating system to keep the humidity level magical, at the desired amount for a healthy home. The level of humidity is monitored by your thermostat, releasing only the amount of moisture needed to keep humidity levels regulated.

The Effects of Cold Weather

The dry, cold air of Missouri’s winters can filter into your house, causing low indoor humidity levels. Cold air does not hold moisture. A whole house humidifier will solve this problem and keep your home at a healthy humidity level all year long.

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