Is a Hybrid Heating-Cooling System for you?

As you may know from firsthand experience, finding the right heating and cooling system for your needs can be a difficult task. Fortunately, the skilled technicians here at Jon Wayne Heating & Air will be able to help you select the right solution. If you’re interested in hybrid heating/cooling systems, here is some information that can help you make a sound decision.

What Is a Hybrid Heating and Cooling System?

A hybrid heating and cooling system can detect changes in temperature and react accordingly to ensure optimal comfort for the homeowner. Unlike a traditional heating and cooling system, a hybrid system will switch to the most energy efficient method to cool or heat a home. A traditional heating and cooling system combines a furnace with an air conditioner. On the other hand, a hybrid heating and cooling system combines an electric heat pump with a gas furnace to save energy. Hybrid systems typically appeal most to homeowners who want more control over their utility bills.

hybrid heating cooling system

Why Should I Consider One?

The main reason homeowners consider a hybrid heating and cooling system is to enjoy lower utility bills without negatively impacting comfort. Even in colder temperatures, a heat pump can use heat from the air to keep a home warm throughout. However, when the heat pump can’t find enough ambient heat in the air, the system will switch to natural gas. This transition occurs automatically and the homeowner can choose the switch point.

In the spring and summer, the system will pump ambient heat outside to cool the home. If the heat pump can’t cool the house on its own, the furnace blower will kick in as a variable-speed fan to move the air and make it feel even cooler.

Pros and Cons of Hybrids

Hybrid heating and cooling systems can potentially maximize indoor comfort for all occupants and minimize the cost of utility bills. However, designing a dual fuel system can be difficult because no two occupants will have the exact same comfort levels. Therefore, the hybrid system must be designed to maximize the overall comfort of the occupants.

The main disadvantage of hybrid heating and cooling systems is the potentially higher cost of initial installations. Homeowners may end up paying more up-front but they can see a long term savings that will make a difference in their budget.

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