Is Summer the Right Time to Replace your Heater?

Furnace Experts: The Right Time to Replace your Heater

Imagine sitting in your home in the dead of winter wrapped in a blanket freezing because your furnace has stopped. We know it is hard to fathom because right now you are wearing summer attire sipping on iced tea battling the heat outside in your air-conditioned home. The last thing that’s on your mind is the state of your heating system. That’s precisely why summer is the very best time to maintain or install a new furnace.

Furnace Replacement 101

  • How old is your furnace? Is it more than 15-years old?
  • Are you calling for minor repairs?
  • Do you have a spike in your heating bill from the past few years? May mean your furnace is at the end of its life. 
  • Do you hear a rattling coming from your furnace? Or popping or banging sounds? 
  • Is your furnace flame yellow? This flame could be dangerous as your furnace could be producing carbon monoxide. 

To learn more if your furnace is due for a replacement head over to our blog on the 5 Signs You’re Due for a Furnace Replacement. 

Why Summer is a Good Time to Replace Your Heater

Installation during the summer season will make sure that you have no issues heating your home when you need it the most, and the longer days mean that installations wrap up much faster. At Jon Wayne Heating & Air, we offer our exclusive Jon Wayne Discount Club Membership, the best product to protect your most expensive in-home investment. While the summer workloads of our skilled team of heating and air technicians consist emergency air conditioning calls, they will be able to fit into their schedule a heating service appointment.

Eliminate Expense Surprises

Guarantee by the time you need your furnace it is in good working order. An inspection in the summer, your Jon Wayne heating technician will be able to locate any repairs that might need to be addressed. The great thing about this is that if you do need a repair, it will be taken care of way before the holidays or when the wind chill hits here in southwest Missouri. Make an appointment to get your furnace replaced in late summer and have a chance to save up or change your budgetary needs around so it won’t be as big of a financial burden. Luckily at Jon Wayne Heating & Air, we offer many financing options

Jon Wayne Heating & Air proudly has a staff of highly trained HVAC service professionals located in both Springfield and Mt Vernon, MO. To find more, visit Jon Wayne Heating & Air or call 417-831-9500.

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