HVAC Tips: Keep Cool in Willard, MO This Summer

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Jon Wayne Heating and Air is proud to provide HVAC services to many Missouri communities, including the wonderful town of Willard!

Enjoying the Willard Community

Summer offers tons of opportunities for fun in Willard. Unfortunately, if your air-conditioner is on the fritz, things can get too hot for comfort. Check out our 10 favorite activities to stay cool in Willard, Missouri while you’re waiting for AC repair.

1. Hammock

Extend your hammock in the backyard beneath a pair of shade trees and close your eyes, read a book or listen to some feel-good tunes on your music player.

2. Pool Relaxation

In addition to kiddie versions, there are inflatable pools with adult proportions. Toss in a few ice cubes near your toes and rest. Don’t forget to make a drink and slip on your sunglasses. Enjoy the Willard Aquatic Center for a wonderful day of fun.

Willard Aquatic Center4. Alone Time

Kick everyone else out of the house and enjoy well-deserved you-time. Close the blinds, watch cartoons, dance in your socks and eat what you want, no questions asked.

5. Fun With Water

This is a no-brainer. The more water – and friends – the better.

  • Balloon fight kid party
  • Balloon fight adult party
  • Squirt gun painting with watercolor paper and diluted tempera paint  

6. Nighttime Activities

Keep Cool in Willard, MO This Summer

While waiting for AC repair, take advantage of cooler nighttime breezes in Willard.

  • BBQ chicken blowout
  • Outdoor movie night with popcorn and a movie projector
  • Star watching with sleeping bags

7. Fresh Fruit Smoothies

All you need is a blender to stay cool with healthy fruits.

  • Raspberry-ginger-lemon smoothie
  • Apricot-mango frozen popsicles
  • Greek yogurt with strawberries and pineapple

8. Dancing in the Rain

Put on your swimsuit – or rock your regular clothes – and get soaked. Don’t forget to sing.

9. Beach Day – Without the Beach

It’s not against the law in Willard to wear your swimsuit around the house all day. Turn it into a romantic date as a couple.

10. Karaoke

The only muscles you move are your vocal cords, so it’s fun without working up a sweat.


Serving your Heating and Air Needs in Willard, MO

Let us help you stay cool! At Jon Wayne Heating & Air, we have over two decades of years of experience installing air conditioning systems. With two locations in southwest Missouri, our Springfield shop is conveniently located just 10 miles away from Willard. So you can count on our experienced HVAC technicians to be able to service your heating and air needs quickly and efficiently.

Contact us at Jon Wayne Heating & Air to enjoy cool air in your home all summer long. We handle emergency air conditioning repair – as well as all kinds of cooling system and central air installation – in a flash. Call us for more information or help at (417) 831-9500

In addition to providing complete heating and air repair and installation, we are also the local HVAC company serving Willard homeowners with a variety of home comfort and safety services including Duct Cleaning service and Residential Generators installation.

Generators for a Willard home to keep you safe during a power outtage

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