Your air conditioning system represents a significant investment in your home. Air conditioning systems typically last for many years and are vital for keeping you cool during the hot and humid summer months. As you prepare for your air conditioner replacement, use this guide to understand what to expect.

Heating and air conditioning units used to heat and cool a house

When is air conditioner replacement necessary?

The status of your current air conditioner needs to be evaluated before you can determine whether replacement is necessary. Even if the system has seemingly quit working, it could be a simple issue with a fast and inexpensive fix. The age of your system isn’t necessarily a good indicator of the need to replace, either. With timely servicing, air conditioners far beyond their estimated lifetimes can often continue working effectively and efficiently. Schedule one of our pros to come out and do a thorough system evaluation to see whether you need an air conditioner replacement or if a different type of service or repair would be more appropriate.

Preparing for air conditioner replacement

Once you’ve determined that you will need to replace your air conditioner, you’ll work with your air conditioning company to determine the size system that is most appropriate to the square footage of your home and whether any additional services are also necessary like updating electrical wiring or modifying your ductwork. We’ll help you understand the timeline of how long the air conditioner replacement will take to accomplish, the total pricing including all parts and labor and what your options may be for financing.

Setting up your air conditioner replacement

Contact Jon Wayne Heating & Air today to schedule an evaluation for your home in the greater Springfield, MO, area. We’ll come to examine your system and help you get your air conditioner replacement promptly and professionally.