• August 14, 2019
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Why a Hybrid HVAC System is the Smart Choice

A hybrid HVAC system is a smarter system than the more traditional heating and air system. A hybrid can switch between two different energy sources to attain the highest efficiency. For homeowners in colder states, you will increase your comfort and decrease your utility bills.

Hybrid HVAC systems provide the highest energy savings during the heating season. How?  When it’s chilly outside, heat is powered by a heat pump that uses electricity. When it gets frigid outside (below freezing), an air-source heat pump can no longer work efficiently. That’s when the fossil fuel furnace that burns natural gas, propane or fuel oil takes over. A smart computer circuit system in the HVAC control module tells the system when to switch from heat pump to furnace heating. This process is reversed to use in the summer, too.


Hybrid heating and cooling systems maximize indoor comfort for all occupants and have the added benefit of reducing monthly utility bills. While homeowners may pay more upfront for a hybrid HVAC system, you will also save 20%-40% on average each year, which is a quick return on your investment. In addition to decreasing your electrical bills, using a hybrid HVAC system could qualify your home for a tax credit or rebate, either from the federal government or the state. Call your utility company about incentives that may be available in your area.

A hybrid HVAC system must be installed, set up, and tuned correctly to optimize efficiency and climate control. At Jon Wayne Heating & Air, located in Springfield, MO, we are proud of our highly trained HVAC service professionals. We also provide professional HVAC tune-ups and cleanings. Regular maintenance of your equipment could save you thousands of dollars over the long-haul in energy costs and repairs.

To find out if a hybrid HVAC system is right for you, call us at (417) 831-9500 or visit our website at Jon Wayne Heating & Air.





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