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Why Is There Ice on My Air Conditioning System?

One of the great inventions of the past century is the invention of the air conditioner. According to The Atlantic, the design is one of the great productivity boosters of this century. On hot summer days, we want to feel the cool air. Sometimes, however, we see ice on the air conditioning system. We want cold air, not freezing air. That said, it is confusing when we see ice accumulate on the air conditioner coils.

The ice that you see develop is the result of frozen condensation. That moisture drips onto the coil, running down the condensate drain pan and out of your home through the drain line. At times, the coil may be cold enough for the condensation to freeze up. 

Why is the coil freezing? An evaporator coil consists of copper tubes. These tubes freeze when the refrigerant flowing through the tubes gets too cold, causing the moisture in the air to freeze. 

Why is the refrigerant too cold? The refrigerant gets too cold usually because of low airflow over the evaporator coil or smaller amounts of coolant. 

How can I resolve this? 

Changing Air Filter 

Resolving coil ice may be as simple as changing your air filter. If the filter is dirty, it will restrict flow through the system. Dirt will block airflow over the evaporator coil. When this occurs, the coil can get cold enough to freeze this condensation, causing it to freeze up. Air filters are routinely replaced when a system is undergoing routine maintenance

Check refrigerant. 

A refrigerant is critical because it allows the system to cool the system. The air conditioner must work with a certain amount of refrigerant. A system that is carrying below the recommended amount means the heat transfer process is impeded, leaving ice on your coil. 

If a consumer continuously runs the system with ice on the coil, it puts it at risk of overheating, overtaxing the unit, resulting in severe damage over time. Our customers avoid this issue is by ongoing maintenance that comes with Jon Wayne Discount Club Membership.

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