Winter Furnace Maintenance Benefits

You know the winter season has arrived when you stroll out to your mailbox, only to see postcard ads and flyers falling out of the mail.  Winter is most often when you get solicitations for all kinds of winter maintenance, including HVAC related issues.

A furnace is a machine that is often viewed as either working or not working.  As consumers, if it’s not broke, it is hard for us to imagine doing anything to fix it.  That is where maintenance comes in. Maintenance doesn’t give the furnace life, as it is already working, it does, however, add many more years of life to the unit. While there are many things we can do to prepare our home for winter,  an annual tune-up is not only important to the efficiency and safety of your home, it also:

Ensures proper airflow.

During the furnace maintenance, the heating technician should check your heating system to ensure it is receiving the proper airflow. Restricted or limited airflow places an unnecessary strain on your furnace that can lead to increased repairs and a shortened lifespan.

Reduces the chance of heat going out.

Furnace tune-ups are as much about preventing future problems as they are about fixing existing problems, which is why a tune-up will make it unlikely that your home will be left without heat at any point this winter.

Keeps you safe.

Because furnaces burn fuel to produce heat, the combustion process must be precise to maintain efficiency and safety. Small problems can lead to gas leaking into your home or dangerous carbon monoxide levels.

Reduces repairs.

Every winter, we receive calls from residents with heating problems that could have been easily prevented with regular maintenance. A furnace tune-up not only includes cleaning that keeps your furnace running efficiently, but it also catches small problems before they turn into major repairs.

Saves Time.

Getting a furnace tune-up now, before the weather is cold, is much more convenient than waiting for a repairman during the winter in a cold home without heat. It is also much cheaper.

Improves energy efficiency.

A furnace tune-up should include the cleaning and inspection of the furnace burner and heat exchanger. In addition to ensuring a safe operation, this will keep your furnace running efficiently all winter.

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