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Dispelling the Most Common Air Conditioning Myths

Stephen Jabro

How much do you know about your AC? Are you operating off what your dad told you decades ago? Even if your dad knew what he was talking about then, air conditioning technology has changed a lot over the years.

Air conditioners have been around a very long time now, but there are many persistent myths surrounding air conditioning to this day. Many people accept and even spread these myths as common knowledge. But following some of these false facts about air conditioners can end up costing people in the long run. Not having accurate information on how to maintain and operate your air conditioner could inadvertently cause you some problems. 

The 4 Most Common Air Conditioning Myths:

Myth #1: The Bigger the AC Unit, the Better

As discussed in our previous blog about the correct sizing of air conditioners, the size of your air conditioner does matter. But bigger does not mean better. If you have too large an air conditioner for your home, it will run less efficiently by cycling on and off. This means your AC will not properly remove humidity. It will eventually experience faster wear and tear. Not only will you see increased energy bills, but you’ll have a unit that won’t last as long as a unit that was sized properly for your home.

An AC unit that is too small is also problematic. Too small a system could be running frequently and never, or not consistently, get your entire home down to the desired temperature. That’s why it’s vital to have a new air conditioner installed by trusted AC professionals, like our here at Jon Wayne Heating & Air. We will take all the necessary space and home factors required to calculate the exact size of AC your home needs. 


AC Myth #2: Setting Your Thermostat Really Low Cools Your Home More Quickly

setting thermostat to 70 for your AC or FurnaceOne of the oldest and most stubborn air conditioning myths is that you can cool your home faster by dropping your thermostat temperature extra low. While it may seem to make sense in theory, it just doesn’t happen this way. Your air conditioner works equally hard whether you’re trying to cool your home by one degree or by 10 degrees. All you need to do is set your thermostat exactly where you want it – the air conditioner will get you there! Learn more in our article about how the thermostat affects AC performance. 


Myth #3: Close Vents In Rooms You Don’t Use

This myth is widely practiced not only for air conditioning, but for heating as well. And it’s a good idea for neither! Closing off vents actually alters the balance of air distribution through your home. The same volume of air is being pushed through the air ducts regardless of whether you close a vent or two, and by blocking off an escape for the air you’re just adding more pressure to your ducts, which could result in leaks and even damage to your HVAC system.


Myth #4: Air Conditioning Only Cools Air

As the name suggests, air conditioners do more than just cool your air – they condition it. Cooling your home is of course the biggest benefit of air conditioning, but your air conditioner plays another vital role by removing humidity from the air. That one-two punch of cooling and dehumidifying really makes all the difference when it comes to your comfort!

In addition, HVAC technology means your heating and cooling system can improve your air in even more ways. The cool air pushed out from your AC can be more than cool, it can be cleaned! Learn how air conditioners and heating systems can be used to improve indoor air quality, a service provided by Jon Wayne Heating & Air in communities across Missouri.

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