What is a heat pump?

In air conditioning, heating and ventilation, a heat pump refers to a vapor compression refrigeration machine enhanced for optimum efficiency for a transfer of thermal energy. Heat pumps can take in heat from a cool location, and then discharge the heat into a warmer location. Reversible heat pumps can provide cooling or heating in either thermal direction. When the pump is in heating mode, the indoor coil becomes a condenser, and the outdoor coil becomes an evaporator. When the pump is in cooling mode, the indoor coil becomes the evaporator and the outdoor coil becomes a condenser. The bottom line is that heat pumps can help your home stay comfortable no matter what’s going on outside.

heat pumps

How are they rated?

If you’re a homeowner looking for some help with air cooling or heating, it’s important to know how heat pumps are categorized and rated. When a heat pump is in a heating mode, it is rated by HSPF, which measures how efficiently the pump heats. When a heat pump’s in cooling mode, it’s rated by SEER, which is a measure of how efficiently the pump cools.

What questions should you ask before purchasing a heat pump?

  • Ask which system is right for you based on an economic analysis of heat pumps. Factors to consider are:
    • Efficiency and purchase price
    • The cooling and heating load requirements of your home or place of business
    • The cost of your fuel
    • Do you need to replace ductwork as well? This might be necessary if you’re going to replace an existing air conditioner or forced air furnace with a heat pump

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