Broken AC: Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioning system is on the fritz, it can feel as if your home or business has moved next to the sun. Know that the Jon Wayne Heating & Air professionals are here to bring a much-needed cold front in the form of expert cooling system repair. Not only that, we’re also here to provide you with the information you need in order to take proper care of your AC unit and keep your home cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. We provide professional air conditioner repair to homes and businesses in both the Springfield, MO and Mt. Vernon, MO areas.

What’s Wrong with my AC?

AC Services in Springfield & Mt Vernon, MissouriSome of the most common reasons for the need for air conditioning service include:

At Jon Wayne Heating & Air, we make ourselves available to answer any questions you have about these common issues. Depending on the problem, we might be able to walk you through things to get your unit up and running again without the need for us to come out to you.

You may also find the answer to your question among our many blog postings on the topic of cooling and air conditioning.

Need an Air Conditioning Professional?

You might wonder if you need a professional to come look at your unit. One of the main things to keep in mind is that professionals have an abundance of training and experience. That training and experience go a long way in avoiding unnecessary injuries if you were to tackle some of the work on your own. You might also make the situation worse by not relying on a professional to help. You and your wallet are often better off letting a professional tackle the issue since you might make things worse and more expensive by trying to handle your air conditioner’s problem on your own.

Our AC Technicians are Ready to Help!

For more info on AC repairs, contact a Jon Wayne Heating & Air representative today. If an entirely new cooling system is needed, we provide quality installation of air conditioning systems as well.

Call us at (417) 831-9500 to schedule the AC service your home needs today.

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