Financing Options for your HVAC Installation

Paying to repair or replace heating and cooling equipment can put a real dent in your finances. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to pay for your heating and air replacement.

CREDIT CARD: Applying for a credit card or using one you already have is one way to pay for new heating and air equipment. Affordable monthly payments help you complete your system upgrades without draining your savings.

FEDERAL ASSISTANCE: Look outside the box for additional financing opportunities. The federal government partners with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy to offer federal grants and tax credits to homeowners who upgrade their heating or cooling systems to make them more energy efficient. You can also get home improvement aid if you are a qualified homeowner.

HOME EQUITY LOAN: Consider getting a home equity line of credit to pay for the heating or air conditioning work you need. Ask your mortgage lender if you meet the eligibility requirements. Some banks may offer a personal loan if you have an existing relationship with them.

EVERBANK IN-HOUSE FINANCING: We have a great low percentage rate on every system. In-house financing is available through Everbank. With this option you can pay for the installation you need with 0% interest for terms of either 60 months or 84 months!

Ways to Save on New Heating & Cooling Expenses

YOUR CREDIT SCORE: Pull your credit report so that you can determine your credit score. To get the best rates, your credit score should be above average and taking measures to raise your score can really pay off. Another factor that lenders look at is your history of paying bills on time.

JON WAYNE DISCOUNT CLUB: Join our Discount Club to save money on annual maintenance, repairs and replacements. Membership includes 10 percent off maintenance and replacement and many other perks.

MANUFACTURER REBATES: Manufacturers often offer rebates to homeowners looking to buy HVAC equipment. Ask us what offers are currently available.

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