Professional Gas Furnace Repair in Springfield, MO

Gas Furnace Heating Expert Working on a Home Gas FurnaceGenerally, your heating and cooling system is one of your home’s greatest sources of energy consumption. As a result, you face high energy bills to stay safe and comfortable all year. Even worse, you face higher bills in the cooler months because gas furnaces use more energy than air conditioners, water heaters, lighting, and appliances combined.

Fortunately, there’s a way to save money with energy-efficient heating that keeps you warm and cozy: Jon Wayne Heating and Air’s furnace repairs.

Our Furnace Repair Services

We offer expert gas furnace repairs in Springfield, MO. With more than 20 years of experience dealing with all sorts of heating systems, our HVAC technicians have the tools, on-site experiences, and industry skills to identify and fix furnace issues, including

  • Dirty ductwork
  • Broken pilot lights
  • Malfunctioning heat exchanger
  • Bad limit switch
  • Broken thermostat
  • And much more!

A high-efficient gas furnace in a home basement A home energy audit may reveal your current system runs at a low annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE. Anything below this means you waste over 20 cents of every $1.00 spent on heating costs. If the AFUE is below 80%, we recommend switching to a high-efficiency gas furnace. These units can perform up to 97% efficiency, saving you money in long-term heating.

Types of Natural Gas Furnaces

Not all high-efficiency gas furnaces are equal. Some gas furnaces are better than others, depending on your needs, budget, and structure type. Jon Wayne Heating and Air’s technicians work with various types of furnaces, such as

  • Two-Stage Convertible Multi-Speed Furnace: These furnaces run at a minimum AFUE of 80%. Unlike less-efficient models, this furnace type auto-regulates the heat running through the heat exchanger to allow lower, more-controlled output and maintain ideal temperatures.
  • Two-stage Variable-speed ECM Furnace: These adjust the heat output to the lowest possible setting to maintain room temperature and regulate the blower speed. Variable-speed furnaces feature an electronically commutated motor, or ECM, with static pressure. These features reduce the amount of wasted energy in most non-efficient models, resulting in up to 96% AFUE rating.
  • Modulating Variable-Speed ECM Furnace: Unlike the previous two-stage high-efficiency models, a modulating furnace adjusts the fuel delivered to the burner on demand. You can expect precise, even heating distribution throughout the whole house. Modulating, variable-speed ECM furnaces can perform at up to 97% AFUE.

Furnace costs vary depending on their size and functionality. Some furnace sizes are larger than others, require different types of piping for ventilation, and use different disposal methods for excess flue gas condensate.

With so many things to consider, let the pros at Jon Wayne Heating and Air help you choose the correct system for your home.

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