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Heating Your Home with an Electric Furnace

When deciding on a new heating system for a new home or when replacing an old system, you need to decide if an electric or gas furnace would be the best for your home.  Learning about each type of furnace and its pros and cons will make your decision easier.

Electric Furnace Service in Springfield & Mt Vernon

At Jon Wayne Heating & Air, our team of technicians have more than 20 years of experience helping homeonwers to determine the best type of heating system for their home. With locations in both Springfield and Mt Vernon, we are the company southwest Missouri has relied upon to make sure their home is warm and comfortable every winter.

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Gas vs Electric: 4 Factors to Consider

Heating Costs Over Time
The cost of the electricity to operate an electric furnace is more expensive than a gas furnace, but the operating costs are spread out over the lifespan of the appliance and are not up front costs.

The lifespan of an electric furnace is approximately between 18 and 20 years so you will not need to purchase a replacement unit for many years. Another benefit is that electric models are very quiet and durable. In addition, the installation is usually much quicker, which also translates to a lower initial investment price.

Heating System Maintenance
Be sure you have your furnace maintained before you use it the first time of the winter season. Jon Wayne Heating and Air provides professional maintenance service for homeowners to make sure their furnace is operating properly.

House Considerations

  • Size: The size of your home will determine which size unit you will need to heat your home.
  • Efficiency vs Price: You want to balance cost and efficiency. Remember that a small upfront price may cost you more in the long run if the system isn’t efficient.
  • Zoning System: Based on where your thermometer is located, you might consider a system that can divide your home into zones to more evenly heat different areas of your home.

With so many things to consider, let the pros at Jon Wayne Heating and Air help you choose the correct system for your home. Contact Jon Wayne Heating and Air today so our pros can help you decide on the best heating system for your home.

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