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Don’t Lose Power in your Home During a Blackout

Jon Wayne Heating & Air technician opening van parked inside a neighborhood in Springfield MissouriWhether you live in Springfield, Mt Vernon or elsewhere in southwest Missouri, you know big winter and spring storms can leave homes without power for days. Being left in the dark is one thing, but being left with no cooling amid a heatwave or in the freeze during the coldest nights of winter is not only uncomfortable, it is dangerous to you, your family and your pets.

Getting a generator installed for your home provides the safety and security of having backup power ready to kick in on a moment’s notice. Knowing you won’t have to wait in a long line of other homeowners to get the energy company to turn your power back on is a reassurance worth the cost of new generators. At Jon Wayne Heating & Air, we provide the installation, maintenance and repair of generators for homes in Springfield, Mt Vernon and surrounding Missouri towns.

How do Residential Generators Work?

 The wonderful thing about having a generator for your home is that it works automatically. The moment your power goes out, your backup generator will automatically turn itself on and transfer the electric source to begin coming from the generator.

Beyond Lights & Heat: Generators to Stay Safe

How do generators help with home safety? While lights and heat or air conditioning may be the first things you notice in a power outage, other appliances in your home will be shut down that could cause you even more dangerous problems.

Think of your refrigeration. Losing power for more than a few hours means you may have food that is going bad and no longer safe to eat. A day without power may leave you throwing out everything in your fridge and freezer. And not only that, if people in your house depend on medication that requires refrigeration, your health is at risk with those medicines not staying at the low temperature required to be safe for you to take.

If a spring storm has caused your power to go out, chances are you aren’t just dealing with high winds but also heavy rains. If your home has a sump pump, it won’t be able to work without electricity at the time you most need it. A backup generator during a flood or storm with much rain may keep you from having to deal with the hassle and possible large expense of cleaning up a flooded basement.

Generator Service in Springfield & Mt Vernon

Contact us at Jon Wayne Heating & Air to find out more how a power generator can help protect your home and family during an emergency. In Springfield call us at (417) 831-9500. In Mt Vernon call us at (417) 466-2515.

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