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Is Fall the Time to Replace A Furnace?

Stephen Jabro

3 Signs You Should Get a New Heater Before Missouri Winter Turns Cold

Let’s get right to the point. If you’re here reading an article wondering if it’s time to replace a furnace, then the answer is yes.

How do we know? A good working furnace that is doing its job should be the last thing on your mind. If you have to wonder if your furnace is getting too old or not working well enough, then we suspect you have a good reason to upgrade to a better heating system for your home. And to do it now.

Reason to Replace #1: You Struggled to Stay Warm Last Winter

New furnace installed in basement of Springfield, MO homeWas it hard to keep your home warm last winter? Do you find it’s been hard just about every winter? We know that is the reality for a lot of Missouri homeowners.

If you just think it’s normal to be cold in your home sometimes because that’s the way it was when you grew up, you need to think again. Technology, like in about every industry, has vastly improved for heating and cooling systems. Just like you couldn’t have imagined mobile phones 30 or 40 years ago, there is HVAC technology that didn’t exist decades ago.

Simply put, if your home’s heating system isn’t fully warming your entire home throughout the entire winter, something isn’t working as well as it should be. Not only that, but what your furnace is doing to try to meet your temperature demands may actually be wasting a lot of energy (and a lot of money on those energy costs).


Reason 2: You are not Sure If a New Furnace is Worth the Cost

That’s an easy one to answer: it is.

We run into this issue all the time. You know your furnace isn’t cutting it anymore, but you think the cost to replace it is simply too expensive. But when you actually do the math, you’ll find a new heater should SAVE YOU MONEY.

It’s true that getting a new modern furnace will result in a relatively large bill, but this is only a one-time cost. But another expense you have, your energy bills, need to be factored in here. Imagine cutting your energy bill by 10% or 20% or more.

Let’s say you spend on average $200 each month for your energy bill. That’s likely with an old furnace or one with about a 70% efficiency rating. But then you get a new furnace installed that has a 95% efficiency rating. That is an energy savings of 25%, and a monthly bill of about $150.

In one year, you will save $600.00 on energy bills.

In ten years, you will save $6000.00!

And that doesn’t even factor in how much money you will save by avoiding the repair costs you can expect to spend to keep your old system running far beyond it should.


Reason 3: You Suspect Your Old Furnace Needs Repairs

There are times when you should choose to repair a furnace instead of replacing it. In fact, we have an entire guide with a flow chart to help you make the decision when your furnace can be repaired vs replaced.

Some heating system issues are minor and can be easily fixed. You may find a loose bolt just needs to be tightened or something as simple as a dirty air filter that needs to be changed.

Troubleshooting old furnace problems like making odd noises

But sometimes a repair isn’t going to cut it. If your heater is old, perhaps over 15 or 20 years old, and is already needing repairs at the start of a Missouri winter season, you may be in for some cold nights. Having a heating system you can depend on to keep your family safe and warm the entire winter is vital.

Why Fall? Waiting until the dead of winter to replace your furnace is a big problem for a lot of reasons. First, you will feel rushed. You will be in a position where you need a new system installed ASAP and won’t have the time to make the best decision.

Also, it’s a busy time of year for licensed and reputable furnace repair companies like Jon Wayne Heating & Air. You may end up having to deal with a company or guy who isn’t as qualified or experienced in determining the right furnace for your home or in its proper installation.

If it’s freezing outside and you have no heat for your home, you may end up making decisions that are quick rather than what’s best.


Fall 2020 is Perfect Time for a New Heater Installation

There has never been a better time to get a furnace installed.

There is a federal tax credit for installing energy efficient systems in your home that has been extended for 2020. That means a big savings for homeowners, and a big reason why this year is the year to finally upgrade that aging heater or ac unit.

You can save as much as $500.00 with this energy tax credit. Only specific types of furnaces and other HVAC equipment will qualify you for this credit. You can find the more information of the qualifying items and how much each qualifies for in this list. There is also information and assistance to apply for this credit at Energy Star’s Tax Credit page.

December 31, 2020 is the deadline to get an energy efficient unit installed in time to take advantage of this tax credit. Call us at Jon Wayne today to get your installation scheduled in time to make this federal deadline.

Deadline is December 31, 2020 to take advantage of the energy tax credit. Call Jon Wayne to get a system installed in time in the Springfield & Mt Vernon area

Make that investment to improve your home’s comfort in time today! Call us at Jon Wayne Heating & Air. We’ll make sure to install exactly what your home needs to take advantage of this 2020 tax credit offer and to keep you warm all winter long. We have two locations serving southeast Missouri.

In the Springfield area call (417) 831-9500.

In the Mt Vernon area call (417) 466-2515.

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