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Top 5 Furnace Issues during Cold Weather

Stephen Jabro

Common Problems during Freezing Temperatures

A quality furnace can last for a long time, even decades. At Jon Wayne Heating & Air, we sometimes service heating and air systems that are more than 20 years old. Having a long-lasting HVAC system more possible than you may realize. Handling proper maintenance of your home’s system is the most important way to ensure it will last a long time. Beyond handing regular furnace maintenance, there are some additional situations homeowners  should be aware of in order to keep their heating working at peak performance.

The extreme cold snaps we experience in Missouri winters can put your furnace to the test. The extra demand on your home’s heating system and can lead to furnace problems that are more likely during cold weather.

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How cold weather affects your furnace

As we start to hit freezing temperatures, the more work your furnace must do to heat your home.

We will go over the top 5 common furnace issues during cold weather heating systems face in a typical Missouri winter. Understanding these problems will help you prepare to handle potential issues quickly or prevent them from happening at all.

5 Common Cold Weather Furnace Problems:


Your air filter plays a big role in your entire HVAC system. Clogged filters can even cause your system to cycle on and off frequently. A dirty air filter can lead to poor air flow through your ducts. This could cause your entire HVAC system to stop working altogether.

DIY FURNACE REPAIR: Change your filter.


Is your furnace is cycling on and off? Problems with your thermostat could an issue. These could keep your furnace from adequately warming your house. It’s possible that your thermostat needs be calibrated.


  • Make sure your thermostat is set to a temperature a few degrees below the current temperature.
  • Check if you need to change the thermostat’s batteries.

If neither of those steps fixes the problem, contact us and a certified heating & air technician will calibrate your thermostat.


Thermostat set to heat to 68 degrees when there is freezing temperatures outsideDoes your house feel colder than what you set your thermostat at? This could be a problem with dry air. Dry air is a common winter issue. One great solution is to improve the indoor humidity levels with a device that works alongside your heating and air system.


Getting a humidification system installed will greatly improve your indoor air quality and dry air problems. Jon Wayne Heating & Air provides professional installation and service of whole home humidifiers. Call us to learn how one can help your home. Call (417) 831-9500 for service in the Springfield area. Call (417) 466-2515 in the Mt Vernon area.


Is your furnace taking a long time to warm up your home when you return at night after work? It’s possible the issue is your home is simply too cold during the day.

Whether you control your thermostat manually or by programming it, you may be setting it too low. How much work your furnace needs to do in order to get the temperature back up to your evening setting may be simply too demanding to happen very quickly.


  • Try setting your daytime temperature to a number higher than usual. The downside is that you could see increased energy bills. However, this should remedy your problem of not being able to get your temperature to reach the desired number at night.
  • This cold weather problem could be happening because you have an old or failing furnace. You may need to consider getting a new heating system installed. A new furnace will heat your home more thoroughly and efficiently, an improvement you can expect to see with lower monthly energy bills.

A programmable thermostat is a great way to control your home’s system and save money and energy. Jon Wayne can install a new digital programmable thermostat to help you best regular the temperature in your house.


Your furnace can’t work if there is no power going to it. Here in Missouri, we know what a big winter storm can do. A power outage in your neighborhood or entire community can leave your family in the dark and freezing cold for days. Even a small power outage can be a problem during freezing temperatures. It can stop your furnace from working and leave you coming home to a very cold house.


  • If your home did lose power, you could need to relight your furnace’s pilot light.
  • Check to see if a circuit tripped, cutting the power off from your furnace. Check the breaker box to make sure all circuits are on.

Consider getting a power generator for your home to avoid this potential disaster. We provide professional installation of residential generators for communities across southern Missouri.

Generators for a Willard home to keep you safe during a power outtageEmergency Heating Repair in Missouri

Jon Wayne Heating & Air provides maintenance service, routine repairs, installations and 24-hour emergency service. We service communities in and around Springfield, MO as well as a location to service areas in and around Mt Vernon, MO.

If your furnace isn’t properly working, call us for immediate service.

Call (417) 831-9500 in the Springfield area.

Call (417) 466-2515 in the Mt Vernon area.


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