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Maintenance is Important of the AC Drain Line System

AC Drain Maintenance

The HVAC system circulates throughout your home; it goes above and beyond temperature control. The HVAC system also works to make your home comfortable by controlling moisture levels; this is especially important for us in southwest Missouri communities like Springfield and Mt Vernon during the heat of the summer. 

Your homes HVAC system removes moisture from the air, which collects onto the condensation on the evaporator coil. This condensation drips into the condensation pan, which then travels through the condensate drain pipe before it lands outside of your home.  Note: If you don’t notice any water dripping from the unit, you will still likely see water spots around the fans or cabinet. Be sure to keep a lookout for any damage to your carpet or floor near your AC.

AC Drain Line and Drain Pan Adverse outcomes, including:

  • The drain line can get clogged with sludge such as, dirt, algae, microbes, and other sticky substances that block the fluid passage; this can cause an overflow which will flood the unit. 
  • Condensation water found in the drain pans that have been sitting will grow sludge, mold, bacteria, and mildew and other microorganisms that are not healthy for your family to breathe in. Note: A containment drain pan will put off a repulsive smelling odor.

Issues due to the line and pan malfunctioning: 

A/C Unit is Iced – Overwater will freeze into the pipes, and on the AC coils, this will severely damage to your air conditioner unit.

Water overage –  The pan will overflow, which will accumulate with water that will build up inside the AC unit. You will notice small pools of water on the floor, which eventually will damage the ceilings, carpets, and furnishings. 

Why hire a professional for a drain pan and ac drain line treatment? You will receive excellent service and years of experience. Jon Wayne Heating & Air is proud of their staff of highly trained air conditioning service professionals located in Springfield, MO and in Mt Vernon, MO.

To find answers to your questions and excellent service on your air conditioning system, visit Jon Wayne Heating & Air or call (417) 831-9500.

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