Set Your Thermostat for “Vacation Mode” Before Your Trip

Working on your to-do list for in preparation for vacation? Don’t forget to add “set thermostat!” It is advisable to keep your air conditioner running while you’re on vacation during the summer months or if you live in a warmer climate, but what are the appropriate vacation home temperatures to use? Some programmable thermostats make it easy and have a vacation, hold or away function, however, suggested thermostat settings for vacation are 8-degrees up or down, depending on climate and season for maximum energy efficiency.

It may even be advisable to have your air conditioning unit checked before leaving for vacation. It is better to discover that your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced when you’re home and able to manage the process, than when you’re out of town and something goes wrong. Common signs that your air conditioner may need to replaced are:

  1. the unit is running more than it should
  2. fan is not working
  3. controls are not working properly
  4. power is not going to the unit. AC replacement can be quick and simple and will alleviate headaches when you are out of town on vacation.

Check-Ins are Always Good

Things happen. And you never know when. If you will be on vacation for longer than a 3-day weekend, it is probably advisable to have a friend or family member check in on things, just to make sure that nothing has gone wrong or malfunctioned. Appliances can break down, leaks can happen, and air conditioners can go haywire at the most inopportune times. Leave a key and instructions with a trusted person so that you can truly relax and enjoy your time away. Having this safety measure in place, with a trusted friend who can let a service person into your home if necessary, will provide peace of mind and allow for a “true” vacation!

What to Look For

In addition to bringing in your paper and mail, have your friend check to be sure that all faucets in the house are completely off and not dripping. Another key thing to check for is the overflow of the condensate drain, one of the most important components of the A/C system. This drain line drains excess moisture outside of the house. From time to time it can get plugged up causing overflow, which can damage floors, carpets, ceilings, baseboards, and walls. A simple walk around the A/C unit to make sure that everything looks dry will be sufficient.

Be sure to control your thermostat while on vacation to keep cool air running through your house during summer getaways. This will reduce excess humidity and overheating. If any problems arise, the seasoned professionals at Jon Wayne Heating & Air are always available to quickly and efficiently service your needs. If your thermostat is not working properly, Jon Wayne Heating & Air are experts at AC replacement.

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