Home Humidity Control

A comfortable house in the winter is about more than temperature. How warm your home actually feels has a lot to do with the inside humidity level. Because providing complete home comfort is what we do, Jon Wayne Heating & Air provides professional installation and service of home humidifier systems for homes in Springfield, Mt Vernon and surrounding Missouri communities.

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Combat Dry Air & Humidity Levels

We know how dry our Missouri winters can be. We feel it in our skin, on our lips, even in our lungs. The moisture in the air drops dramatically which plays a role in how good the temperature feels in your home.

People are naturally sensitive to humidity. When it’s very humid outside, hot temperature is less bearable in the summer. Similarly, people can also feel worse when there’s too little moisture in the air in the winter.

Dry air in your home at 75 degrees feels different than warm air at 75 degrees.  In fact, if the relative humidity is 0%, air temperatures set at 75 will actually feel like 69 degrees!

Proper humidity levels may mean you can set your home’s temperature at a lower number, saving you on energy and energy costs.

Most people feel the most comfortable at humidity levels between 30% and 50%. Whole home humidifiers can be added to furnace systems to add moisture to the heated air that gets circulated through your home in the winter. You can set your whole home humidifier to the percentage that feels right to you and your family.

Before facing another cold and dry Missouri winter, contact us at Jon Wayne Heating and Air to learn how a whole home humidifier could improve the air you breathe. We can install these humidifiers onto new or existing heating units.

Enjoy Clean Air Throughout Your Home

Receptionist at Mt Vernon, MO HVAC shop locationA variety of advancements in the heating and cooling industry has provided homeowners great ways to breathe easier in their homes. Removing annoying particles, bad odors and even very dangerous viruses in the air is now easier than ever.

If you suffer with allergies, lung issues or the negative effects of dry air, contact us at Jon Wayne Heating & Air for a free estimate. We can explain the many different indoor air quality services we provide and deliver your home with the solution to help you breathe fresh, clean air in every room of your house.

From cleaning your ducts to powerful residential UV light treatment to kill viruses and sterilize the air, we are ready to help you better enjoy living in your home.

In Springfield, call us at (417) 831-9500. If you’re in or around Mt Vernon, call (417) 466-2515.

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